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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  April 26, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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announced they are canceling ann coulter's speech in the interest of safety, cut she tweeted herself i am sad about the cancellation but my sadness is greater than that as it is a dark day for free speech in america this is the latest in a weeklong tug-of-war between uc berkeley and the college of republicans last week they wanted to postpone the speech due to safety concerns, the student group and ann coulter insisted the speech would go on, students filed a lawsuit monday saying that uc berkeley is violating their rights, yesterday another sponsor of the speech pulled out also citing safety issues, rob roth was on the cal campus today when officials organizers and police spoke out about the event . >> reporter: whether it is considered free speech or hate speech, in the end there will be no speech, ann coulter is
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not coming to campus tomorrow.>> if we can't have her speak without guaranteeing safety of the attendees then that is a move we cannot take, in effect are free speech has been stifled, berkeley republicans are part of one of three campus organizations that invited ann coulter to speak about immigration tomorrow. in the wake of recent violent protests and concerns over safety became paramount and the organizations no longer supported holding the speech, without support on campus ann coulter announced she was in coming tweeting it is a dark day for free speech, the attorney for the republican party says ann coulter was disappointed. >> she wanted to deliver the speech she is not here because of the university. >> if only there were a safe way for her to speak without
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everyone losing their mind. >> police were planning to ramp up for the speech hundreds of officers were planning to come as backup and police sources say unlike previous recent protests they would have a hands-on approach. police say with ann coulter not coming they expect protest on campus tomorrow perhaps even riots, >> you will see a highly visible presence of law enforcement on campus tomorrow, i will also say that tomorrow we have a very low tolerance for any violence. >> reporter: i spoke to an organizer from the group by any means necessary, his group has no plans to come to campus tomorrow but he couldn't speak for any of the other groups. >> many people say the legacy of free speech at berkeley hangs in the balance because of
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what is happening the speech being canceled many say is in there someplace on campus where ann coulter could come and speak where it would be safe? >> reporter: well, the spokesman for berkeley says that is the case, the groups that were organizing this did not file proper procedures there is a website with forms they can fill out with dates and venues they do not come up with the proper venue so, when they do that and they can find a proper place for her to speak they say she is welcome to come back. >> rob roth, thank you. >> ann coulter is expected in modesto on friday scheduled to speak at a private fundraiser for the republican party of stanislaw county 600 people are expected to attend police are prepared to keep the peace but have plans in place should a large disruption breakout, since ann coulter signed a
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contract for the lincoln day dinner organizers say security has been a concern. a man suspected in the racially motive shooting rampage in fresno last week was charged with first-degree murder. the suspected gunman, kori ali muhammad told police he wanted to kill as many white people as possible he has a criminal record and a history of mental illness, he is also charged with murder in killing a security guard in fresno. a department fire in western oakland killed four people and forced 80 out of their homes. now tenants who survived the fire are taking legal action against the landlord and the master tenant of the property, candace when is in oakland with what the tenants are asking for. >> they are seeking $2 million in damages as management and the landlord shift
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responsibility the tenants say both are liable. >> cell phone video shows the runtime conditions inside this apartment before the deadly march fire. >> a broken pipe expecting the water leak there were so many rats. >> harlan smith is one of the tenants displaced after flames tore through the building. he joined his fellow neighbors as they announced 15 tenants on the property filed a complaint wednesday against the landlords and the master tenants identified in documents as the house of change and dignity house west. court documents show the tenants are seeking nearly $2 million in damages. >> to punish and deter misconduct so it will never happen again. so these defendants won't allow a property to become this
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substandard. >> the fire was already in the holy. >> eliza anderson describes the building as her family narrowly escaped. >> if my auntie wouldn't have kicked the door open, how can an old lady kick a door open? >> city records show a decade of code compliance issues which include eight fire code violations issued three days before the fire, a spokesperson says the community center and the city knew of the problems involving the fire alarm system and sprinklers. >> we didn't hear any alarms, there were no sprinklers when we were going out, nothing. it was pitch black like a barbecue cube -- grill. >> other facilities run by the owners have a history of problems an attorney for the
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nonprofit says this. >> four out of the 50 claims and the liability goes back. >> an attorney says it was his understanding that they would maintain the building he added me to avenue llc operated the building without incident for 20 years despite this in the weeks since the fire mr. kim has been unfairly criticized for the actions of the master tenants. the landlord and master tenants continue to dispute liability but the tenants say both are responsible and the city of oakland needs to pay attention. >> they need to come out and do their inspection work and see what is going on in these buildings. >> reporter: the tenants we spoke with say they are staying in temporary housing, after being served the defendants have 30 days to respond,
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candice nguyen, ktvu fox 2 news most of the charges have been dropped against a man who was shot by san francisco police the defenders office held a press conference to give an update on the investigation. yesterday a san francisco judge dismissed eight of the 10 charges against sean moore on january 6 police were called to a home on capitol avenue just before 4:00 am. when police arrived on the scene there was a struggle and sean moore was shot twice. >> mr. moore was in his rights when he asked the officers over 40 times to leave him alone, when the officers approached him, they were essentially trespassing. they had no legal right to do what they did. >> officials say moore suffers from mental illness, two officers were injured.
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the white house formally unveiled the trump administration tax cut plan today calling for sharp reductions in individual and corporate taxes. we look at how republican and democratic leaders are responding to the tax proposal. >> the trump administration unveiling a proposal to cut taxes. when it comes to individuals the plan aims to bring down rates eliminating some reductions and simplifying the tax code. >> taking the current tax brackets we have today reducing them to only three brackets. 10%, 25% and 35% the white house wants the top rate cut down to 35%, the president also wants to double current standard deduction and keep deductions for mortgage interest payments and charitable giving. >> we will double the standard deduction so i married couple
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won't pay taxes on the first $24,000 of income they earned. >> in the meantime the plan calls for a 15% corporate tax rate down from the current 35% a cut rate that would also be available to small businesses. >> we will have a one-time tax on overseas profits which will bring back trillions of dollars that are offshore to be invested in the united states. >> so far republicans and wall street are pleased republican leaders say the planned principle will serve as a guide when congress negotiates tax reform but democrats argue the plan does not pay for itself something the white house disputes. >> this will pay for itself with growth and reduced reduction of different deductions and closing loopholes. >> so far there is no official cost estimate for the plan, in
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washington ellison barber, fox news. new information about a man accused of putting a bag over a woman's head trying to kidnap her, it is not the first serious accusation against him, police say he tried to run over his ex-wife's fianci. from oakland tech to cook cal to the oakland coliseum, marshawn lynch joining the oakland raiders. surveillance video shows an early morning beating a woman attacked in the south bay, more of this video and who police are looking for. a few sprinkles out of there definitely light but changes are coming.
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dramatic video, a group of young women attacking the beating and kicking a lone victim who is also a woman now police are asking for help to find and arrest the people responsible, jesse gary is outside san jose police headquarters to police know what started this?>> reporter: investigators are not sure if the fight was preplanned for the victim was chosen at random they are hoping clues and answers can be found in the video. early this morning security cameras capture this melee on send carlos street, a group of women seen beating and kicking a single victim who is also a woman the attack takes place over several minutes stretching from the sidewalk to a parking lot. >> we put it in your surveillance system because
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there is a lot of violence going on. >> this man owns a restaurant which sits next to the parking lot many of his hours are spent inside this video room revealing images of the violent crimes captured by 20 cameras, he upgraded the system after the second of two shootings here last month. >> the cops are so busy they don't have time to keep coming all the time. it is understandable. >> detectives don't know if this was planned or if the victim was chosen at random. >> i don't mean to be sexist but it is surprising. >> it does happen, it was captured on tape it happens but not a lot. >> the victim was taken to a hospital and treated for nonlife threatening injuries from an assault that started with a bottle. >> we are lucky this is not a homicide. >> the suspects scattered
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leaving behind blood and bruises . >> we can't prevent it but we can help them catch the person and prosecute them. >> reporter: we will put a link to the video on so you can take a closer look, see if you recognize the women who are now suspects live from san jose police headquarters, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news watching the video i couldn't help but notice all the people standing around did anybody try to get involved? >> reporter: no, you know how that is when that kind of fight happens people gather around and start watching and cheering using their cell phones, sometimes if you try to break things up you could end up in the middle of it getting her to yourself. but, there are people that were around the fight scene watching, you will notice when you look at the video some of the people
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in peripheral are men but the people doing the fighting are women. >> that's what i noticed i was thinking honestly i can't believe they did not get involved to stop it, jesse gary in san jose, thank you. today is the annual immigrant family day at city hall families came together today pushing for legislation to expand immigrant support in communities. a few light sprinkles today, mostly very light but some of the ground got wet along the coastal hills some sprinkles possible tonight into tomorrow, you see the class streaming in from the pacific it is raining in portland and in seattle, we are in the south of it but cloud cover from one side of the state to the other
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from los angeles northward it is a cloudy day for us and los angeles, santa barbara and the clouds will clear tomorrow as we clear we will warm, highs today in the mid-60s maybe a few upper 60s, 66 in concord, 66 in san jose, sprinkles are possible just light sprinkles, nuisance showers, there were some this morning but not enough to play too much havoc on the commute, but look forward again tonight, maybe a little later tonight and early tomorrow morning that should be it as a high-pressure starts to build with this rotation we have the upper-level wind going clockwise so that indicates high-pressure and stability, as it builds, the high it will try to balance out the low and we get the pressure difference the pressure gradient and it gets
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breezy, tomorrow and friday notice significant northwest wind the kind of wind where you notice it at ocean beach and the coastal hills it won't be bad from the east bay hills this way and will mainly be around the bay on the coast which is typical. we warm up as high pressure builds, mostly friday saturday and sunday we have the significant warm-up and temperatures by saturday and sunday perhaps in the lower 80s, tomorrow morning, san francisco look at the windshear , 1:going one way and then one going the other that is indicating we are in an unstable environment, the models are saying partly cloudy and partly sunny, san francisco at 65 by the end of the day, the showers are over by the time you wake up, i have a hard time calling them showers because it is just nuisance
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rain. it just kind of drizzles, as we move into tomorrow notice a warm-up on friday and into the weekend. marshawn lynch is back and he will be wearing the silver and black, coming up next see more of the oakland native in his new raiders uniform. a teenage marine recruit from the east bay being remembered after collapsing and dying during training. what we are learning about him. controversy over the plan to guarantee health care for all californians coming up at 6:00.
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the news broke this morning with this tweet marshawn lynch says it is time he is ready to return home to oakland. lynch was seen arriving at headquarters in alameda today the former oakland and cal bear running back will play for his third local team. >> joe fonzi is here, what you think? >> they had an opening in the backfield it has been more than filled with having hearing about his desire to come out of retirement and play for the raiders today the raiders and seahawks swapped later draft picks next year to make it happen and marshawn lynch the raiders get the hometown kid. >> i am here so i won't get fines.
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>> that was the last time marshawn lynch made a public media appearance the week before super bowl xlix a game the seattle lost when the whole world wondered why this off -- seahawks threw the ball instead of letting lynch run one yard. after the game lynch made no official announcement, in a tweet he hung up his two -- cleats in the past year his life has been a whirlwind of nonfootball adventures he joined bear grills for an episode of running wild in france. >> he cut off one of my dreads. >> lynch was in scotland for a skittles promotion blowing off energy on a bike using his skills to keep from getting hit by a bus. last summer he traveled with the football team at california to australia and got some lessons on australian rugby
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demonstrating a little american football in the process. lynch has always stood close to his roots holding camps for local kids making sure they have athletic equipment that they need. >> it is good to have a kid come from a neighborhood and you can see them again. >> shout out oakland, california. >> not forgetting where he came from is part of his dna. they commemorated his famous golf art ride in 2006 and then there is his high school oakland tech where he is best remembered and appreciated. >> beast mode he loved football. >> i believe he has had a dream to play for the oakland raiders to me this is coming home. >> he met with general manager reggie mckenzie today is new head coach, some teammates and was issued his silver and black
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tools of trade what remains to be seen is if the 31-year-old running back can still be productive in the nfl, if he can approach the effort he displayed on one of these signature runs, the raiders will be very happy. >> that is the biggest question, how much does he have left in the tank and how will the year off affect him add what is considered an advanced age, but right now everybody is very excited. >> my one story i was at albany bowl and he was there i said can i get a selfie with you? he said sure he said no man hugs. i said okay i will stand over here. >> there you go, put that one in the memory bank. >> i like him not just for football because he does a lot of good charity work he has a foundation. >> that is the unsung part of
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him, we know the quirky things that he does and that year off look at those international things he did, he is a very interesting guy he doesn't always sure that publicly but as i said it will never be boring. >> he is 31 realistically he has had a lot of injuries how well will he hold up? >> that is the big question i am a believer in the fact that a football running back has a finite number of hits there comes a point where you have reached your shelf life, whether or not he has reached that point, we will find out. >> there is only so much the body can take thank you. marshawn lynch is a popular person in the new locker room, derek carr tweeted he is back welcome to the squad, bruce
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irvin says woke up feeling like it was christmas and donald penn says woke up this morning and beast mode. new information on a man wanted for attempted kidnapping, the latest on the investigation and why he was on the run in sonoma county. childcare can be tough to find coming up the bay area sheriff's department pitches an idea offering 24-hour on-site childcare.
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a man accused of trying to kidnap a woman in a san francisco neighborhood made his first court appearance today, the 46-year-old is facing attempted kidnapping charges and as tara moriarty has learned the man was on the run from sonoma county authorities when he was caught. >> cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom but darrin bravo appeared intense as he went before the judge, we have learned he faces the attempted kidnapping charge in san francisco and in sonoma county five felonies. >> he is taking get serious, he is denying the allegations. >> the attorney for darrin bravo says his client is innocent the father of two is accused of putting a bag over a
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woman's head in a sidewalk saturday night in an attempt to kidnap her. >> i will go see him right now we will talk about the case, he is adamant he is not guilty. >> it is conserving and alarming when there is an attempted kidnapping. we have had two recently in both situations the victims have got away. >> the victim in this case a 31- year-old woman walking home from work saved by good samaritans, bravo was cut -- caught the next day after crashing his car. >> i know that he has a family. he does at agency work, he has done sales work>> facebook posts show a dark side he has several profanity laced anti-women rants one says sonoma county prostitutes are all married with her husband at work another angry post shows pumpkins stabbed with knives
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and april 2 during a child custody exchange bravo try to run over his ex-wife's fianci who was standing next to his own son. >> he accelerated the vehicle toward mr. long and his son in which they both had to dive out of the way. >> that led to a restraining order and bravo went into hiding. >> at that time we put out the warrant for his arrest contacted everyone and put out a bulletin statewide. >> authorities did not make contact with bravo until three weeks later, the sonoma county district attorney says he will later face the assault and child endangerment charges, his next court appearance is set for may 18, in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news advocates for seniors and disabled are calling for change
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the focus is the corner of third and revere street, today they demonstrated how the lights are not long enough for people to get across. they say the intersection has been the site of a number of collisions as people try to get to the senior center or supermarket. i know it takes time to redesign streets it takes time to do enforcement but changing the time so we can cross the street safely is a matter of going up, use your electronic device and change the timing. >> the city tells us they have heard the concerns and are working to provide more time to cross the street as part of this project will include and improve travel times. the man accused of killing seven people at oracle's university was back in court today, the hearing was postponed until next week.
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>> he has been restored to competency and we will be back next tuesday to decide what happens next. >> last week a judge decided he is competent to stand trial the former nursing student is charged with killing seven former classmates and injuring three others in a shooting rampage from 2012, the trial had been put on hold after he was determined to have a mental illness that prevented him from going on with the trial. police have identified several suspects in a robbery at the coliseum station, 50 to 55 teenagers jumped the gates and swarmed a parked car some of them robbed seven passengers in a matter of seconds investigators are still getting information and checking video surveillance from in the train
5:36 pm
car. >> we have positively identified some of the suspects that is because we had working cameras on board the train which provided very clear images of the suspect faces so we have identified and we are working with the district attorney on how to move forward. >> they have also increased police presence throughout the entire system. san jose police released the name of a man who was shot to death over the weekend at a south bay hotel, the victim was 22-year-old dominic smith officers were called to the motel 6 at 3:30 saturday morning, the motive and circumstances are under investigation. >> we are trying to gather more information from the public, that will help us out, we don't have anybody identified as a suspect yet we have not taken anybody into custody, so it is
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still unsolved. >> two other people who were wounded have not been identified, they are expected to survive, this is the eighth homicide of the year in the area. when you work a graveyard shift finding childcare can be tough the sheriff department in santa clara wants to help, and ruben shows us they want to offer 24 hour on-site day care services. >> the daycare would be at department headquarters, the idea to make it affordable and accessible. deputies with the santa clara county sheriff's office understand this is no regular job with irregular hours finding childcare can be a challenge just ask this deputy who can see it with her own family and with the newcomers. >> it is stressful and it adds concern to the job and it is something you have to take into
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account. >> sheriff lori smith would like to change that at a budget meeting today she outlined her vision to offer deputies 24- hour on-site childcare. >> try to find childcare for an infant overnight, when your new and you start the department you will work nights we want to make sure people come into law enforcement. >> the sheriff thinks more women would apply if daycare wasn't an issue. >> many local companies provide or subsidized childcare in order to attract and retain top tier employees, i would think we would want to uphold the standard as well. >> in this case the sheriff would hire a nonprofit likely department headquarters where there is already 24 hour security, the budget proposal calls for $200,000 to prepare the site and $500,000 annually to run the program. >> i am excited about it, it
5:39 pm
would be a huge benefit. we could do it at a reduced cost. >> if successful, the program could expand to other employees like nurses, they would love to see that happen. >> if you have that daycare provider that would enable you to take stress off your job and off your family think about what it is doing for your job it would be great. >> reporter: the budget is being drafted and goes for final approval in june, the sheriff says she would like to see the program up and running within six months>> what a great idea, they will be setting up cribs and chairs may be to rock the baby's things like that? >> reporter: i suppose that is the idea, details have not been worked out, they would have to figure out the logistics and make sure everything is up to standards but, yes, that is the
5:40 pm
idea to have a place on-site and the deputies would be able to go check on the children periodically during the day.>> great stuff, ann rubin, thank you. next, senators arriving at the white house by the busload, details on the rare classified briefing today. she had her engagement ring for barely one month and she lost it. still to come, how a good samaritan may have become her second mr. wright. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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the growing tension between the united states and north korea led to a rare meeting in the nation's capital today, president trump invited all 100 us senators to the white house for a closed-door briefing, lauren blanchard tells us the senators were told about diplomatic and military options. >> in a rare meeting at the white house president trump's security team held a briefing open to all 100 senators on the increased threats posed by kim jong-un. arriving by the busload, senators filed into the eisenhower executive office building for a classified briefing on north korea. rex tillerson, defense secretary james mattis director of national intelligence dan coats and the chairman of the
5:44 pm
joint chiefs of staff joseph dunford conducting the briefing. >> the president has made clear north korea that is armed with a nuclear missile capability they have yet to test is unacceptable to us. >> all senators were invited but there was question if all would show up some democrats said similar briefings are usually held at the capital. suggesting the president's plan to drop by the meeting was just a clever photo op ahead of his 100th day in office. >> any senator that doesn't show up is a disservice to the state and country. >> today an unidentified spokesperson from the north korean foreign ministry denouncing us attempts to hold a un security council meeting claiming their nuclear ambition is a defensive move. >> in case a war breaks out on the korean peninsula the us will be held accountable. >> during a house committee hearing a commander told
5:45 pm
lawmakers the deal is to denuclearize north korea not a regime change saying the us wants to bring kim jong-un to its senses in washington, lauren blanchard, foxnews. it is supposed to be the happiest time of your life. >> i woke up and i realized i did not have it on. >> coming up, how a little bit of luck and a sign on a tree led this bride to breathe -- be back to her engagement ring. sprinkles from today and a warm-up just around the corner a lot of clouds now but that is going to change.
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new video of a car fire that turned into a hate crime investigation this cell phone video shows a white mercedes going up in flames outside of a gas station near downtown vacaville, the flames came within a few feet of the gas pumps, firefighters noticed the letters [null] written on both sides of the car. the owner of the gas station speaks. >> first if they spray-painted it and then they lit it on fire. >> the gas station owner says this is the second time haiti driven graffiti has been discovered at his business he believes the same people could be responsible. police are asking for help in their search for a suspect.
5:49 pm
a newly engaged woman found her lost ring thought it was gone for good but somebody found it, cassie parks tell us what he did to find the owner. >> an engagement story with a few ups and downs. >> i looked down i almost stepped on it. >> saturday afternoon glenn could not believe what he was seeing. >> i parked the car and looked down and there was the shiny gold diamond ring sitting on the ground. >> also freaking out was jessica gorski. >> i woke up and realized i didn't have it on. >> four days, jessica was searching for her diamond ring that her boyfriend used to propose one month ago. >> did you think you would find it again? >> i thought it was gone. >> during her panic glenn was
5:50 pm
searching for the owner. >> we thought there is some woman distressed right now or maybe she threw it. >> he started his own search along the sidewalk where he found it in downtown sacramento. >> i went to low-tech with a sharpie and a piece of paper. >> after looking everywhere jessica retraced her steps she ended up back on the street that is when she saw the note. >> i saw the sign i said oh, my god i ripped it down and went down the street. >> a few phone calls later we were there. >> there you go, thank you. >> i thought it was gone. >> you can say jessica found mr. right again. >> it restores hope in people
5:51 pm
at least there are some good people in the world. >> in sacramento, cathy park. >> what a great story. >> i could watch stories like that all night. all right let's get a check of the weather, another gray drizzly day but there is hope. >> there is hope as soon as tomorrow and progressively better toward the end of the week. more sunshine tomorrow with a little bit of wind but no rain temperature 5 to 8 degrees warmer than today, we had this drizzle today, san francisco just enough to be nuisance showers and oakland .02 inches. it is that pattern we have been talking about all week the pattern is all the energy up here and we are on the southern border where the dynamics are very weak. when we talk about dynamics one
5:52 pm
of the indicators are the wind, now they are coming from northwest instead of the south, when you have stronger dynamics you would have left from the south but that is not the case we are in the high-pressure zone with clouds moving in, 66 in concord, 64 walnut creek cloudy and it was cloudy yesterday it is cloudier today and color but tomorrow it will warm up, here is the model, tomorrow morning mostly clear a little bit breezy out there and there is your afternoon, 70s yellows and greens are 60s a nicer day tomorrow, you will notice it tomorrow friday and saturday, a warming forecast saturday temperatures easily in the low to mid 80s on saturday so a nice-looking warm-up, tree pollen will be noticeable saturday as the temperatures breakout, 83 santa rosa, 73 san francisco so you start the
5:53 pm
weekend nice, san jose 80. these are the highs for tomorrow, nice good air quality, and then the five-day forecast. a little bit breezy it is going to be kind of the classic spring seabreeze but a little bit more to it and then the weekend looks good so we have a good- looking weekend, drying out with a chance to enjoy the summer and just know that the tree pollen will be coming at you strong starting tomorrow. it has only been tested on animals, but doctors believe it could have major benefits for people, up next an artificial womb that could help premature babies develop and increase survival chances. a teenage marine recruit being remembered tonight after collapsing and dying during training. also ahead, controversy at the state capital over a plan
5:54 pm
to guarantee health care for all californians that is coming up at 6:00.
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the next pictures coming up are unbelievable, a newly tested artificial womb could change the way doctors care for babies were born prematurely. >> human testing is years away but researchers think giving tiny preemies a few more weeks
5:57 pm
might boost their chances of survival. laura ingalls has the story. >> scientists have created an artificial womb that helped tiny lambs grow boosting hopes it might one day help extremely premature babies, researchers at the children's hospital of philadelphia say the sealed bag contains fluid to provide nutrients and protection needed for growth, attached is a mechanical placenta keeping blood oxygenated just like the umbilical cord. >> many research groups have been trying to develop a system like this since the 1950s. >> to show the potential of the device the team tested on several premature lambs, the animals grew normally inside for three weeks. >> there is no long-term data on the animals but they found they appeared to grow normally. they were able to watch them over the period. >> premature infants weighing
5:58 pm
as little as one pound are hooked to ventilators and other machines inside of incubators today, researchers believe their system may be a gentler solution to give tiny preemies a few more weeks cocooned in a world like environment increasing chances of healthy survival. >> we envision the system that will look like a traditional incubator. >> it is a hugely important point that we don't attend to challenge the currently accepted standard for viable infant. >> human testing is 3 to 5 years away although the team already is in discussions with the fda. from new york, laura ingalls, foxnews. "ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00" starts now. >> a high school senior with dreams of serving his country. tonight a teenage marine recruit from the east bay is being remembered after
5:59 pm
collapsing and dying during training, he was supposed to start boot camp this summer after graduating from high school peer good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener, the teenager died suddenly yesterday during a physical training exercise, alyana gomez joins us from brentwood where the training was taking place. >> reporter: good evening, i am told the exercise was part of his weekly routine every tuesday and thursday he would come to veterans park in brentwood to perform a number of drills such as leg kicks and bear crawls something he has done several times which is why his sudden death has people puzzled. 17-year-old floyd was tall fit and seemingly healthy, he ran track and played for the high school football team. >> i would go to the game he was good. >> last december he joined the
6:00 pm
marine corps delayed entry program as a recruit specializing in field artillery, he was just beginning to work out with fellow recruits at veterans park when police say he collapsed. >> one of the recruits ran to a nearby water park where one of our own city employees jumped into action and started cpr.>> floyd did not make it, news came as a shock to fellow students at pittsburgh high. >> this morning in class, my teacher told us he had an asthma attack during training. >> floyd was an honor student set to graduate in june and start training in august. >> i have no doubt this was an aspiring young man with a bright future ahead of him and was obviously committed to serving our country. >> nearly 2 weeks go


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